VPJ Background

VPJ have provided the latest IT solutions in the content production field since it was founded. Originally, SGI and UNIX workstations were used but with the improvement of computer graphics Apple Macintosh and Windows PC started to be used in various content production fields.

The founder of VPJ used to work as a Sales director at Silicon Graphics Japan (SGI). Taking notice of SGI advanced technology and seeing the possibilities of Apple graphics technology as well, he decided to provide appropriate workflow solutions integrated with these two different architecture in order to meet the needs of the print industry, which was met with great success.

VPJ Background

In the DTP industry in particular, we released "DTP Turbo Server" to provide a solution based on both the SGI technology for high end customers and the Apple platform which was becoming very popular, selling it to over 300 customers.

Since its foundation VPJ expanded its market to the video production field too. We worked with various venture companies with an edge in technology from Europe and US, and acted as a pioneer in the field of video products.

In 2011 we sold the video division that was selling products in order to focus on the solution business. VPJ now develops software in-house and offer various solutions from venture companies from Europe and US in the content production field.

Since we started our cloud business in Okinawa in 2007, the market of VPJ has expanded from customers close to traditional content production like the print industry, advertising companies and production companies, to customers involved in upstream content such as marketing departments of brand owners, online business enterprises including mail-order companies, and publishing companies. In 2016 VPJ established a development company in Manila, to pursue high productivity and create high-quality products.

Version management support for CIERTO Link. With this enhancement, files existing in CIERTO that share the file name can be registered and managed as versions. The managed version files can then be viewed and downloaded from CIERTO.

"CIERTO" becomes the only DAM solution from Japan to be selected as the Top10 Digital Asset Management System in the APEC area from CIEO Magazine.
Enhacement of the "Online collaboration" feature of "CIERTO".
Enables users to remotely manage flows, annotations, and approvals by moving the approval process of contents production online. Acheived support of effective creative production in a remote environment durring COVID-19 restrictions.

Release of project management system "APROOVE WM". Supports content production (Web/printing/video) workflow using features enhanced from online communication features of APROOVE.
Enhanced integration with "CIERTO" by connecting "APROOVE WM" with Single Sign-On. Integration "APROOVE WM" with "CIERTO" enbales seamless approval workflows and process management.

Release of "CIERTO PIM" as a new option of "CIERTO". A Product Information Management (PIM) system had been already provided as a library used for development named, "CIERTO+" to cater the needs for advertising/marketing departments of production/distribution companies. With this release the library is now available as a option of "CIERTO". With the PIM option, "CIERTO" has become the only DAM solution in the industry that allows direct connection with marketing tools usch a EC sites, catalogs, web sites, and SNS with the product information.
Released CIERTO2.6 which was including New GUI, online proofing feature, chat communication, Automatic subtitles generator on video file and SAML support. The number of CIERTO users has exceeded 100. Released CIERTO + that can be integrated with API for further enhancement to our existing customer who managed the product information(PIM) on CIERTO.
Release of "CIERTO Link" as an option of " CIERTO" to support remote work / telecommuting with an Adobe CC environment. Achieved integration of online creative workflows and Adobe software durring COVID-19 restrictions.
CIERTO V2 was released including some new functions which are RPA feature, smart phone support and image conversion feature for EC site. The number of CIERTO users has exceeded 100, and CIERTO won the general grant prix as Award-Winning Cloud System of the year by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication.
「Local Production Cloud」was released as a new service of "CIERTO", which support full-mount operation from Mac/ Windows clients based on local NAS server and also local NAS file can communicate with "CIERTO" cloud to be update it interractively.
We have converted our cloud service “DigitalAsset” from "thiiDa" to “CIERTO” based system.
VPJ has released the Digital asset management system "CIERTO". We support the creation of promotional media in marketing activities. And we installed "CIERTO" on "Turbo Server EXPRESS" and we enhanced the functions for the printing industry and publishing industry. We have converted our “DigitalAsset” service to “CIERTO” based system. Established local company "Cierto Communication Corp" as a development base in the Philippines. The Okinawa office was moved to IT Shinryo Park in Uruma City.
VPJ began offering on-demand promotion service "Digital Promotion" to support the creation of promotional media for cross-channel. We began selling workflow server "Turbo server EXPRESS" for printing companies.
Expands cloud service “DigitalParaidse production stream” for content production. Begins selling Web-to-Print service DigitalPrint. Announces partnership with XyXon, Inc., begins sales of of DAM integration with Web-CMS HeartCore.
Enhances the features in thiiDa2, a rich media asset management system for video production, and expands its service. Announces project management system DALiM ES compatibility with ePub/HTML5 and begins sales for the digital publishing industry.
North Plains acquires Xinet. VPJ reinforces efforts to sell Digital Asset Management solution in partnership with North Plains.VPJ begins offering and selling “Dalim ES”, a project management system.VPJ and Silicon Studio transfers the total stocks of subsidiary (Visual Graphics,Inc) to FOR-A.
Relocates the head office. Announces partnership with Belgium company Aproove, begins selling “Aproove”, an online collaboration software.WoodWing software announces alliance with Adobe, VPJ begins integration and sales of WoodWing Enterprise and Adobe Digital Publishing Solution.Begins sales of new cloud service “DigitalParaidse production stream” for content production.
Launches Visual Graphics, Inc., spinning off the video graphics division into a separate entity. The company was merged with Silocon Studio.Announces WoodWing’s Digital Magazine solution for Apple iPad content creation and distribution.
Announces partnership with German company IRIDAS for their line of real time DI solutions.Offers “Realview”, a Web media delivery platform.Develops and launches the network video IOI “INGEST GATE”.Relocates data center to Ginoza village, Okinawa, and establishes office and improves support at the center.Announces alliance with Dutch company WoodWing, begins sales of “WoodWing Enterprise”, an enterprise publishing system for the publishing industry.
Updates video production file management system “thiiDa2″, begins sales for video and general industries.
Invests in SO-TEN, Inc.Begins sales of Mac OS X version of asset management system “LogVillage 2.0″.Establishes data center in Okinawa Electric Power Co., Inc. Begins offering “Okinawa-DAM Station” as WebNative ASP.Announces partnership with German company DALiM, offers the online proofing solution “DiALOGUE”.
Announces business partnership with Canadian company “TigerTechnology”, begins sales of the next-generation file-sharing system “metaSAN”.Renames “DTP Turbo Server” to “Turbo Server” to reflect the increased range of applications.
Announces partnership with Israel’s “Press-Sense”, begins sales of their Web to print solution “Press-sense iWay”.Launches “nVerge”, a distributed data transfer solution.Opens office in Osaka, improves support in the Kansai area.
Starts offering Apple Xsan as a SAN system for CG and video industries.Announces partnership with British company “Dev Zero G”, begins domestic sales of their server-based preflight software “PrintSure”.
Develops “thiiDa”, an asset management system for CG and post-production.Announces partnership with Apple Computer Japan as an Apple Solution Partner.
Begins sales of "rush", a CG and distributed render queue management software.Releases "WebNative Venture", a database ideal for general-purpose DTP production.
Begins sales of the post-production workflow system "Tremor".
Announces partnership with US company nothingReal, begins sales of "Shake", an intelligent composite system.Announces venture partnership with British Unique-ID, begins sales of their optimized video/CG production workflow management system "CakeS".
Announces partnership with US Xinet, announces Xinet’s network software ”FullPress” will be included in DTP TurboServer 2.
Announces partnership with Israel’s TechImage, begins sales of asset managment software ”MediaBank”.
Announces partnership with German Science-Division, begins sales of match move tool ”3D=Equalizer”.
Announces ”InterSepOPI” product system included in ”DTP TurboServer”.
Announces partnership with Boston-based US company “Archetype”, begins domestic sales of their DTP production workflow support tool “InterSep OPI”.Announces partnership with California-based US company “COLORBUS”, begins sales of SGI Indy-based RIP system “Cyclone”.
Announces reseller agreement with Silicon Graphics Japan.Announces business partnership with US company DIT, begins sales of UNIX and Macintosh media format translation tool “TransferPro”.