Global Partners

In media industry, most application related to creating contents depends on Adobe systems and Apple technology. VPJ maintains close relationships with global software companines who support such technology, allowing us to develop solutions that are compatible with Adobe and Apple.

Technology Partner

  • ・Microsoft (US)

    As a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner, we provide "CIERTO", "CIERTO PIM" and "APROOVE WM" cloud services.

  • ・APROOVE(Belgium)

    Work Management development vendor. VPJ is localizing the software for the Japanese market and developing two-way integration with "CIERTO".

  • ・Santa Cruz Software (US)

    A vendor of "on demand content production Branding UI" software. VPJ localizes and markets "CIERTO" as an option in Japan.

  • ・WoodWing Software(Netherland)

    Developer of WoodWing Studio, a solution for the publishing industry. VPJ is its distribution partner in Japan.

  • ・Pixometry(Netherland)

    Vendor of the server-based image processing system "Pixometry". Pixometry is mainly sold as an option for CIERTO and WoodWing in Japan.

  • ・Axaio(Germany)

    A vendor that developed the "Made to Print" solution for the publishing industry. The company sells its products in Japan, mainly by integrating them into WoodWing.

  • ・censhare (Germany)

    Developer of the integrated digital experience system "censhare". VPJ provides support for users in Japan.

Business Partner

CIERTO's sales agent in Japan
  • ・NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions Corporation
  • ・FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.
  • ・Nishikawa Communications Co. Ltd.
  • ・eNet Solutions Co.,Ltd.

Microsoft Certified Partner(Gold Cloud Platform)

Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform
VPJ has been certified as a Gold Cloud Platform by Microsoft as a "Gold Cloud Competency Partner" in recognition of its proven track record of utilizing Microsoft Azure and its technical capabilities. Gold Cloud Platform of "Gold Cloud Competency Partner" is granted to partner companies that have been certified by Microsoft for superior technical capabilities, expertise, and sales performance in their respective business areas.
Gold Cloud Platform certification validates that VPJ is a partner with a proven track record of excellence in Microsoft Azure deployments and maintains a high level of expertise and reliability.

※Microsoft is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation and its affiliates.