Our Solution

We provide DX solutions that support the enhancement of productivity and corporate branding in the production, management, and distribution environment of media and content related to corporate activities.


Personal media such as social media and smartphones are spreading along with Traditional media including radio, broadcast television and print, and content is expanding from web to video, computer graphics, and 3D.
With the diversification of media and compatible devices, it has become an important theme to reduce duplicate work per media and unify the content and brand image of each media.
However, even though the production of various media has been digitized, there are still many analog elements that hinder productivity, such as the collection and distribution of manuscripts (articles, photos, videos, and graphics), management of materials, proofreading and approval, and information sharing among related parties, including progress checks.
With such a diversity of media, it is not easy to reduce production costs and maintain branding in a content production environment. Our DAM system, CIERTO, provides the perfect solution for these challenges.


The introduction of CIERTO makes it possible for all parties involved in content creation, including production, editing, planning, design, subcontractors, management, and sometimes even customers, to share the work process on a common platform via the Internet.
The platform centralizes all materials (articles, photos, videos, and graphics), rules, and progress of content production, improving productivity in the production workflow and unifying branding across multiple media.

CIERTO is expanding its range of services by integrating with external systems to meet the needs of different industries and business categories. Work Management (WM) is a system that can manage every production process of content creation and supports project management, scheduling, online proofreading, approval workflows, and other activities.
Released in 2021, the CIERTO PIM is one of the most anticipated features of the future.Product Information System (PIM) is a solution for managing product information in manufacturing and distribution companies.In general, databases managed by PIM cannot manage graphics information deployed on websites and catalogs, such as images, illustrations, photos, and videos.
By integrating DAM, it is now possible to update and deploy product information on e-commerce sites. CIERTO PIM is the only solution in Japan that can be seamlessly integrated with DAM.

In December 2019,CIERTO won the general grant prix as Award-Winning CloudSystem of the year by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication. We believe that this award is the result of our outstanding know-how and technological capabilities in the field of content creation, which we have cultivated over many years, and at the same time, we have been recognized as one of the most needed solutions of the moment.
In 2022, we elected by IT business magazine "APAC CIO Outlook" subscribed to mainly on world CIO by "2022 digital asset management (following DAM) solution provider TOP10" in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC). "CIERTO" becomes the only DAM solution from Japan to be selected as the Top10 Digital Asset Management System in the APEC area from CIO Magazine.